A type overhead block clamp

Date:2014-12-24    Views:1481

Block handling machine is mainly used to load and unload a variety of palletless bricks or concrete blocks, saving the costs for pallets and laboring.


Adopts full steel structure, high strength, smooth running;
Rational designed, excellent driver visibility, simple and flexible operation;
High universality, can be used for 240 standard brick, eight-hole brick, porous brick, aerated block and many other kinds of bricks;
The machine with the function of lateral movement, ensures its operational flexibility, advancement function allows to achieve seamless docking between each stack of bricks;
Quantity of single time clamping bricks: standard brick 500-700pcs which in 8-10 layers, aerated block 6 layers which height is 600-1200mm, can be customized according to the height of carriages;
Detachable high-strength polyurethane layering,durable and easy to replace.

Technical Date:


1. Matching this machine requires three more oil circuits for the forklift.
2. The above type is the common product of Handbarow, customized solution is available, please contact our sales representative.